Jumelle was a dream of ours since we can remember. Most of our days growing up were spent by the ocean, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, soaking up the sun and appreciating Mother Nature.

Jumelle is a luxury brand inspired by the ocean and by the motivation to make our styles not just something to wear once and throw out but to have a mix of stylish and styles that are made from high quality fabrics that hold longevity. We believe in ethical practices and quality over quantity. All our pieces are made to last and be kept and worn for years of vacation and summers.

Something that has always been so important to us is the protection of our oceans, so much that 5 years ago we heard about the climate crisis bleaching corals and destroying the sole foundation of the marine ecosystem and immediately went vegan and have been climate change activists ever since.
We worked with a non profit organization for a few years and that’s where we found out about reef restoration foundation. We are so inspired by them that we decided we wanted to donate 5% of every order toward reef restoration foundation. We flew to Cairns where they are based and learned about all the amazing things they are actively doing for our coral reefs and their touching story about how they started the company.

They have invented a system in which they plan to plant corals faster than they are getting bleached, so the reefs can all be restored. This is done by finding the toughest corals in the oceans that have survived amongst most of the reef that has been bleached, this means these corals have managed to adapt to higher water temperatures.

They have created an underwater nursery and they grow these pieces of coral there until they are a reasonable size. From one of these resilient corals they can create thousands of new coral. We are endlessly grateful for non profit foundations that commit their lives to restoring our oceans. Our way that we want to say thanks is by giving reef restoration percentage of our sales and making sure they have all the equipment and technology needed to make these coral nurseries the best they can be.